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A Special Day

 Today is a special day when you consider your achievements and realize that what you set out to achieve in life really does come true. I am a person of great determination and despite opinion; I certainly do know right from wrong. I am a person of moderate means and I profess to be no expert in the knowledge of computing but things, people and programmes on the internet are not at all scary; they are there to be embraced and to help in an honest manner. Treat the internet and the computer as a book to the world and you will soon develop that ‘wow factor’. A certain exclamation of mine as I turn a new fresh page of this; the most exciting book I have ever read in my life, the computer. It seems quite an object to be scared of at first but when you come to terms with the fact that we are all people trying to make a standard of quality and excellence to everyone with whom you come into contact with then the rest becomes easy, please involve the shy, the people who have a lot to say but do not quite know how to, be patient with those who complain and above all else help and include everyone as we are all equals here and trying to make a difference both in our own world and that of others. Therefore following these guidelines I salute whole heartedly the computer generation for giving me something to hold onto; my pride.


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Develop a freedom for yourself by being honest to yourself and watch the rewards !


Welcome to 101 Ways with Chocolate

Angela Westell (Ladyquartermaine)

Angela Westell (Ladyquartermaine)

Apple Sends Separate Invite To Chinese Media For Sept. 11 iPhone Event, Adding To Increased Focus On The Region

Mind-reading tech may eliminate need for

Mind-reading tech may eliminate need for passwords



Francois Lesage , master embroiderer, dies aged 82

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François Lesage

The doyen of French embroiderers, a central figure in the high fashion world, died in a hospital near his home in Versailles outside Paris on Wednesday night following a “long illness”, the Lesage workshop told AFP.

Lesage took over his father’s firm aged just 20. In an interview last year, he told AFP how he met Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix, “when they were just beginners.”

Last week Lesage was awarded the title of “art master” by the French culture ministry, giving him an opportunity to “say goodbye”, said a spokeswoman for his workshop, which was acquired by Chanel in 2002.PARIS, Dec 1, 2011 (AFP)

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